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9 Smart Ways To Stand Out As A Developer In A World Full Of Coders

It is easier now than ever to become a software developer.

You are competing every day with hundreds of dozens of smart people trying to get a piece of the ‘tech jobs’ piece of cake.

The good news is, you can compete.

Nope, is not a magic bullet.

On the way, I learned some fundamental truths.

1. Set your own standards and play to win

Define your game and own it.

2. Master the fundamentals — the things that don’t change

Most developers are following what is called a linear learning curve.

In software, those conventions are called fundamentals.

When you understand the fundamentals, you will see through the noise.

3. Plan to be the best in the word

By setting such excruciatingly high standards it felt like my dedication to this goal tripled. I wanted to be the very best in the world at something.

We also do this exercise with our mentees.

4. Make 10x steps through the power of focus

Your progress after six months of hard work, of waking up early without vacations will be mediocre at best.

Sure you won’t know a lot about crypto or security. In the same way, you won’t know a lot about exotic species of turtles.

5. Improve faster than everyone else around you

6. Learn from the masters in your field

To transform yourself into a great developer you will have to deal with a lot of complexity.

7. Leverage on tools more than you leverage on your hands

As W. Edwards said — a bad system will beat a good person every time.

8. Play the long game

Most developers plan for the present moment. They are not willing to sacrifice for tomorrow. Because they think what worked today will work tomorrow.

9. Oil the body and the mind

If you take care of yourself, you will literally kick a**.

Your ability to learn and get deep work done is directly related to what you put in your mind and body.


Many developers out there treat this as just a job and lack the necessary commitment to achieve mastery.

I help JavaScript Developers get to mid/senior level faster by mastering the fundamentals* using a 5 Step System.