How To Get To Senior Developer Faster In 5 Simple Steps (I Wish I Knew)

1. Go beyond languages and frameworks

Programming fundamentals are particularly critical for self-taught software developers.

Become an expert in a specific area. Then, make an effort to become more technology agnostic.

2. Leave “awkwardness” at the door

Half of your job is to communicate what you do.

Your success is tied directly to your ability to communicate.

3. Work “with” rather than “besides”

In software, lone-wolfs don’t make it through the winter.

Ask yourself: how can I enable my colleagues? What do they expect from me? What are their goals?

4. Be visible

Help everyone you come in touch with, and good things will happen.

Get involved in the community and always give more than you take.

5. Be consistent over time

As stress accumulates, it will damage your career and personal life.

You are in for the long game.

Closing up



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